HERBAL herbs and spice Tea

Cardamom -An ideal herb’s spice

Its journey from kitchen to FMCG :-  cardamom is a spice native to India. It have been used in kitchen and Ayurvedic medicines from ancient times.But nowadays use of cardamom is expended worldwide.Its journey starts from house kitchen to various market products like as a flavoring agent in sweets, coldrinks,ice creams,chocolate,biscuits,chips, cookies and  medicines. Keeping in view […]


Herbal Tea – a simple way to take herbs

As per my daily routine , I start my day with a cup of tea.It makes me feel fresh, active and energetic. Many people do so. One can make tea healthy by adding herbs into it.Its the simplest way to take herbs.There are many types of herbal tea, but I’ll tell you here the best two types […]