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Enhancing immunity with AYUSH KWATH against covid-19.

Ministry of AYUSH India has launched an effective herbal formula for boosting immune system against covid-19 virus. The name of this formula is ‘AYUSH kwath’. Kwath is a method of taking ayurvedic medicine just like herbal tea.

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Corona se daro-na

CORONAVIRUS  basically is a bacterial infection which spreads from one infected person to another through various means.

Echinacea HERBAL

Echinacea- the immune herb

Scientific name– Echinacea angustifolia Parts used– Roots and rhizomes Echinacea herb is a north american origin. It is a very beneficial herb.Some of its benefits are: 1. It improves immune system 2. Improves the tissue function. 3. Helps in blood purification hence useful in psoriasis , eczema and boils. 4. It is used for rheumatic […]


8 health benefits of ginger

Scientific name– Zingiber officials Parts used-Dried rhizomes and root. Ginger is a great herb.It is very widely used all over the world. It’s uses: 1. Ginger is widely used when a warming agent is required. 2.It is very beneficial for gastrointestinal system due to Its calming effect. 3.It is a good expectorant 4. Ideal herb for […]

plant based

Why plant -based diet is beneficial?

Why plant based diet is beneficial,let’s have a look on that..

plant based soup

A complete plant based healthy soup

  Ingredients required 1.  Green Peas 2.Tomato 3.Garlic 4.Coriander leaves 5.Carrot 6. Onions Method of preparation: First of all chop garlic and onions, put them in a skillet(frying pan). Saute well for 5 minutes. Now add chopped carrot , tomatoes and green peas stir well. Add 2 cups of water. In another pot (pot 2) […]

knee pain walnuts

Walnuts for knee pain

Walnuts are rich in calcium,phosphorus, magnesium and omega 3 fatty acids.

HERBAL tomato salad

Tomato salad recipe to kill worms in humans

  J Worms are the common parasites found in human body which creates major problems in humans. They releases toxins which are poisonous substances.Worms can grow in most of the body parts but mainly found in stomach , GI tract , liver and  intestine. Common worms that occur in human body are tapeworm, roundworm, pin […]

aloevera benefits HERBAL natural


  ALOEVERA Scientific name: Aloe vera linn Indian Name: Gwarpatha Parts Used: Gel(pulp), powder . Aloevera is a plant having short stem.It  grows wild in tropical cimates , growing upto 25-40 inches.It  has fleshy leaves.It requires less water for its growth. BENEFITS OF ALOEVERA-  A great herb which has the most healing properties. Strengthens tissues […]

HERBAL herbs and spice Tea

Cardamom -An ideal herb’s spice

Its journey from kitchen to FMCG :-  cardamom is a spice native to India. It have been used in kitchen and Ayurvedic medicines from ancient times.But nowadays use of cardamom is expended worldwide.Its journey starts from house kitchen to various market products like as a flavoring agent in sweets, coldrinks,ice creams,chocolate,biscuits,chips, cookies and  medicines. Keeping in view […]