Skin is the largest organ and first visible part of our body. In winter season we faces many skin problems such as :-

  • Dry skin
  • Skin rashes
  • Itching

In winter season the level of humidity become low and the air becomes dry. Due to this water in our skin evaporates more quickly , resulting in all skin problems mentioned above. Another cause for dry skin is that our body does not produces sweat.

(1) Eat foods which are rich in vitamin E . Best sources are nuts, sprouts, unprocessed and unrefined vegetable oil, brown rice, etc.

5047_body massage_Main

(2) Massage therapyall types of massage therapies are useful but oil massage therapy is much beneficial. It improves the blood flow in the skin.

(3) BRUSHING WITH COTTON CLOTHTake a wet cotton cloth during the bath and rub it on your body slowly and gently. This method was very famous in india in the ancient times. They used handmade cotton cloth at that time. Rubbing the cotton cloth on body helps in removing the dead skin cells and build new cells.

(4) Steam BathVery useful in sweating . Sweating plays the main role in eliminating wastes like by products and toxins


(5) Regular Exercise– Do regular exercise for sweating.


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