Herbal Tea – a simple way to take herbs

As per my daily routine , I start my day with a cup of tea.It makes me feel fresh, active and energetic. Many people do so. One can make tea healthy by adding herbs into it.Its the simplest way to take herbs.There are many types of herbal tea, but I’ll tell you here the best two types of herbal tea. 

#the first one is Ginger Tea : ginger tea is very effective in indigestion(acidity),cold and sinus.It is effective in motion and morning sickness.Prevents blood clotting.Cleans mucus in cerebral and sinus regions.

 Making ginger tea :(1  person)

ingredients: 250 ml of water, 5-10 gms. fresh ginger,4-5 holy basil leaves,1 teaspoon full of honey.

Procedure: Take 250 ml of water in a tea-pot and add 5 to  10 gm . ginger slice and 4-5 holy basil leaves. Boil it for approx. 3 minutes. then remove pot from the heat and sieve it directly in cup and add 1 teaspoon full of honey and stir well.Your pure herbal tea is ready.

#the second one is Fenugreek tea : Fenugreek is great expectorant , it helps in regulation of sugar and insulin levels, it is great blood cleaner and antiseptic, also helps in dissolving cholesterol, fenugreek tea is excellent in joint pain and gout. Also a good fat burner.


ingredients :1 cup of water, fenugreek seeds( 1 teaspoon), lemon

Procedure: take 2 cups of water in glass pot or clay pot and steep 1 teaspoon of fenugreek seeds into it and leave it for one hour.after one hour of soaking, the seeds becomes soft and then remove the whole to a boiler and boil for 5 minutes in medium heat.after boiling sieve it directly in cups and add lemon as per taste. Fenugreek tea is ready to sip.

note: I recommend using glass or clay pot instead of any metal because metals have a dissolving properties.Do not add milk and sugar as both are acidic.

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By Dr. karanveer

Herbalist , Naturopathic Physician , Biochemist

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