Traditional Summer breakfast – Raabdi

   Raabdi is a traditional and ancient dish normally made in the northern part of india. It serves as a cool and tasty breakfast in summer season specially. It very common in Rajasthan , Gujarat and Haryana. INGREDIENTS REQUIRED : 100 gm bajra (pearl millet)  flour 1 litre chaach (butter milk) Salt as per your […]

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Benefits that you must know about fennel (shaunf)seeds and its healthy summer drink

Fennel Seeds have been used effectively over the time as a mouth freshner, flavouring agent in various toothpastes etc. It has many medicinal benefits also like it is useful in removing accessive stomach gas, for treating overactive intestinal motility, helps in curing spasmodic pain , colitis, bowel regulation, indigestion, nausea and vomiting. Fennel seeds increases […]

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  BENEFITS- Weight loss Gastritis , hyper acidity Reduces bad chloesterol (LDL), and raises good chloesterol(HDL). Cough and cold Effective in constipation dysentry and diarrhea RECIPE FOR MAKING CINNAMON HERBAL TEA- INGREDIENTS REQUIRED: 2 Cup water cinnamon(DALCHINI) spice stick approx. 3 inch long coriander seeds (DHANIYA)- half teaspoon 3 Cardamom(small) (ELAICHI) Raisins paste (KISMISH)- 1 […]

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