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Why plant -based diet is beneficial?

Why plant based diet is beneficial,let's have a look on that..

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A complete plant based healthy soup


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Ingredients required

1.  Green Peas



4.Coriander leaves


6. Onions

Method of preparation:

  • First of all chop garlic and onions, put them in a skillet(frying pan).
  • Saute well for 5 minutes.
  • Now add chopped carrot , tomatoes and green peas stir well.
  • Add 2 cups of water.
  • In another pot (pot 2) add tomato paste and 1 cup of water.
  • Stir well.
  • Take vegetables from the skillet and add them in pot 2.
  • Cook for 15-20 minutes approx.
  • Remove the soup from heat and add lemon juice (2 lemons)
  • Garnish it with coriander leaves .

Benefits of soup

1.Contains fiber which helps in proper digestion.

2. Rich in vitamins and Minerals like Vitamin C ,vitamin B6 ,copper, zinc and iron.

Note :Please do not add salt and oil because they are mucus forming.


Walnuts for knee pain

Walnuts are rich in calcium,phosphorus, magnesium and omega 3 fatty acids.

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Tomato salad recipe to kill worms in humans



Worms are the common parasites found in human body which creates major problems in humans. They releases toxins which are poisonous substances.Worms can grow in most of the body parts but mainly found in stomach , GI tract , liver and  intestine. Common worms that occur in human body are tapeworm, roundworm, pin worm , hook worm and whip worm.Amongst these the tapeworms are the longest one and are present in intestine. Pin worms are found mostly in children and creates problems like itching, pain and skin irritation.


Ingredients required:

  •  Fresh organic Tomatoes (2-3)
  • Carom(Ajwain) seed powder
  • Black salt

How to make:- Take the tomatoes and cut them in pieces(circular or as of your choice) and sprinkle carom seed powder and black salt in equal amount as a flavoring agent.

Carom seeds contains THYMOL compound which helps to kill worms and improves the digestive system also.

Here Tomato is used as a supporting ingredient with carom seeds powder(as carom seeds are bitter in taste so it is not preferable to take it alone)

Black salt increases the taste and is helpful in constipation.

Taking it for 10-15 days on empty stomach kills the worms as wells as their eggs present inside the body and also  helps in detoxification.



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Traditional Summer breakfast – Raabdi


 Raabdi is a traditional and ancient dish normally made in the northern part of india. It serves as a cool and tasty breakfast in summer season specially. It very common in Rajasthan , Gujarat and Haryana.


  • 100 gm bajra (pearl millet)  flour
  • 1 litre chaach (butter milk)
  • Salt as per your taste


  • Take 100 gm bajra(pearl millet) flour and add 1 litre chaach(buttermilk) to it and assure that it not very thick, it should be a thin mixture.
  • Add salt as per your taste
  • Now leave it for 3 -4 hours in daytime in sunlight for fermentation.
  • At night heat it for 10 – 15 minutes with continuous stirring to avoid the lump formation
  • Your raabdi  is ready to take as a breakfast in the morning but before taking please add more chaach(buttermilk) to reduce its sourness.


  • As it contains lactic acid it acts as a anti-ageing and anti wrinkle drink and also  helps to improve skin tone and treats hyperpigmentation.
  • Improves the digestive system.
  • Helps in reducing cholesterol.
  • It is rich in vitamins  and nutrients and also a good source of calcium.
  • Also it keeps the body cool and is a good summer drink.
  • It helps to have a sound sleep.




Benefits of PEPPERMINT & ONION chutney

Here I am presenting a simple, healthy and easy to make recipe – peppermint onion chutney. As you all know that summer season is coming and it is obvious that it will certainly bring its friendly diseases like heat stroke , dehydration, nausea, head ache, etc. Here is a recipe which will help you in curing theses problems.

First of all let’s have a look on the benefits


  • Very usable herb in relieving gas,colic,and intestinal spasmodic pain.
  • It very  helpful in nausea, gastritis,vomiting, heart burn, insomnia, and headache
  • Most of the people avoid the onion due to its bad smell and peppermint reduces    the bad smell of onion and that’s why this property is considered as one of its most special property.


– Onion helps in keeping the body cool as it contains a chemical called  quercetin, which is believed to have an anti histamine effect. Histamine is the irritant that causes heat rashes and adverse reactions to insect bites and stings, so eating onions daily may help ease these summer problems .

Onion also helps in preventing digestive  problems which mainly occurs  in the summer season.

BENEFITS OF CURD– Helps in keeping the body cool , helpful in dysentery, improves digestion, boosting the immune system.

– Salt and chili are used as a  flavoring agents and helps in digestion.


  • Fresh Peppermint leaves 
  •  Chopped Onion
  • Curd
  • Salt
  • Chili powder 


  • Take peppermint leaves & onion and put them in the grinder jar.
  • Grind them to make a paste.
  • In a bowl take curd and whisk it properly.
  • To the whisked curd add the paste.
  • Now add salt and chili powder.
  • Your peppermint onion chutney is ready , you can eat it with bread or  with the other foods of your choice


Don’t underestimate your underweight problem

skinny-260x368 (1)

The problem of being underweight or excessive thinness is as critical as being overweight.Underweight people have poor physical stamina , and are prone to many diseases due to weak immune power.Now , many people have a problem that they eats a lot but nothing happens they still remains in the same position. Look , eating too much is not a solution to this problem , eating healthy and a balanced diet , proper physical exercise and by taking help of herbs , one can overcome the disease called underweight.Now before going to the solutions of the problem we will have a short eye on its causes. Which are poor digestion , malabsorption ,weak pancreas, hypothyroidism , physical or mental illness, low cholesterol level and it can be genetic also.

You can determine whether an individual is underweight or not by simply calculating its BMI (BODY MASS INDEX) , BMI is commonly used method to determine whether your weight is healthy or not. Formula of calculating BMI is :-

BMI(body mass index) = weight (kg)÷height² (m²)

First of all ensure that your digestive system and pancreatic system should be healthy and properly working. Then work on increasing your body fat as without increase in body fat your body weight will not increase.
Our body receive fat(fatty acids) in two forms:

  • Omega-3 (polyunsaturated fatty acids)
  • Omega-6 (plant-based polyunsaturated fatty acids)


  • Wild rice
  • soybean
  • Enriched dairy products like cheese, butter,milk,curd,yogurt etc.
  • Canola oil, etc


  • Avocado
  • Flaxseed oil
  • Olive oil
  • Pumpkin seed
  • Hemp
  • Coconut oil etc.

Now as you all know I always try to make it simple and effective , so in this also I’ll tell you a simple and easy formulae or you can call it a recipe to gain weight. So let’s do it.

  1. Satavari powder(asparagus) – 50 gm
  2. Grinded pumpkin seeds( we call it magaj k beez in our local language) – 50 gm
  3. Grinded coconut flesh(nariyal giri) – 50 gm
  4. White sesame seeds – 50 gm
  5. Icing Sugar – 250 gm approx , you can add as per your taste
  6. Ghee – 250 gm
  7. Wheat flour 1 kg

Heat ghee in a non-stick pan. Add wheat flour and saute on low heat till golden brown. Now stop heating and add all the other ingredients and mix well. Make medium-sized laddu from this mixture and your Satavri ladoos are ready to eat.

It helps you to gain weight as well as it is helpful in making your bones stronger.

Best herbal mixture to loose weight

To keep our body fit and slim is extremely important now a days. A fit and healthy person is a happy one. OBESITY (excessive body weight/fat) is a key problem among the people today. obesity spoils the texture of our body and totally ruins our personality.One  can get rid of this problem by doing some positive efforts like eating a low-fat diet, regular exercise and by taking help from nature’s gift i.e. herbs. So don’t surrender and keep hope.

So I’ll suggest you here a simple , easy and effective method which is a mixture of some usable herbs with lemon and honey.

  1. Parsley : As a diuretic it facilitates weight loss by excessive water retention from the body., it has low calories and is rich in nutrients.Also a good anti-oxidant so help to lower cholesterol and high blood pressure,it is great toxin cleaner and effective in arthritis and joint pain.It relieves intestinal gas.
  2. Cumin seeds:-  It consists of lipid lowering agent.
  3. Cinnamon : Helps in balancing blood sugar which will help in weight loss.
  4. Fennel seeds :- Fennel increase metabolisms which helps in loosing weight.
  5. Honey and lemon :- everyone knows about these two , these are quite famous for loosing weight.

solution 1 (per 100 gm)

parsley powder – 30 gms

cumin seed powder – 30 gms

cinnamon powder – 10 gms 

fennel seed powder – 30 gm.

Mix these four ingredients well and you will get an herbal mixture ready to be taken in two ways which are :-

  1. For arthritis, joint pain, gastric problems :- take one teaspoon of this mixture with water in morning and evening after having food. black salt can also be mixed for taste but only in small amount.
  2. For weight loss :- here we will prepare an herbal tea using this mixture which is a special remedy for weight loss. In a tea-pot , take 2 cups of water , add one teaspoon of herbal mixture and boil it on medium flame until half of the solution remains.Then remove the pot from flame and sieve it properly and add 2 teaspoons full of honey and 1 teaspoon lemon juice.mix it properly and your herbal weight loss drink is ready.


          Drink it on empty stomach for best results.

Benefits that you must know about fennel (shaunf)seeds and its healthy summer drink


Fennel Seeds have been used effectively over the time as a mouth freshener, flavouring agent in various toothpaste etc. It has many medicinal benefits also like it is useful in removing excessive stomach gas, for treating overactive intestinal motility, helps in curing spasmodic pain , colitis, bowel regulation, indigestion, nausea and vomiting.

Fennel seeds increases milk production in human females.So mother of a new-born baby should consume products rich in fennel. It prevents infant colitis.

In india, most commonly fennel seeds are used as a mouth freshener. People chew a mixture of fennel seeds and sugar (for taste) after having a meal to get rid of the foul smell of mouth and for better digestion as well.Coated fennel seeds are also served in many restaurants and dhabas.

The fennel seeds are very beneficial and have a devastating effect in curing many diseases if taken in a systematic and proper manner, I will tell you about good method in this article which you can easily prepare at home and trust me it will be very beneficial to you.

Nowadays as we see many people are suffering from a disease called constipation and people are taking long medical courses and heavy doses which effect their wallet only not the disease. So today in this article I will tell you a simple, cheap and effective method which will surely help you in curing constipation.

Ingredients (per 100 gm.) :-

  1. Fennel seeds (20 gm.)
  2. Isabgol husk (60 gm.)
  3. Dry ginger powder (10 gm.)
  4. liquorice root powder (10 gm.)

Take these four ingredients and mix them well.

Doses :- One teaspoon of mixture with lukewarm water/milk before half an hour from dinner. You can add little sugar as per taste.

Another is , we can call it a Healthy summer drink. It is helpful in improving vision(eyesight), hyperthermia (excessive body heat/ heat stroke), prevents osteoporosis, headache and burning urination treatment.

Ingredients : (for 1 person)

  1. two glass pots
  2. fennel seeds (one teaspoon )
  3. ten almonds
  4. Inner part of melon seeds , half teaspoon (magaj kharbuja )
  5. one teaspoon of rock sugar (mishri).
  6. 100 ml milk

Take first pot and fill 100 ml water in it and Leave the fennel seeds and rock sugar to soak overnight in this water. In second pot take 100 ml water in it. Leave the almonds and melon seeds to soak overnight. In the morning time , filter the first pot water in a separate pot. Now take out the almonds and melon  seeds from the pot and grind them and add this paste to the first pot water which was filtered , also add 100 ml milk in it . Your healthy summer drink is ready.